Also in this year Professor Gililov will be teaching at different masterclasses - please find all details at the links below.

Allegro vivo Chamber Music Festival  August 15-22 (fully booked)
Accademia di Cagliari  (Sicily) August 24-31
Internationale Musikakademie in Liechtenstein October 6-11

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From December 5-14, the 5th International Beethoven Competition will take place in Bonn, where Prof. Gililov is founder and president of the jury. Please click here for more information about the jury, the rounds of the competition and its participants.

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In October, Pavel Gililov will return to Kronberg to play chamber music together with Lynn Harrell (cello) at the famous Cello Festival. The concert is taking place on the 3rd of October at 6 pm at the Stadthalle Kronberg.
Pavel Gililov will also perform with the Gililov Quartet Berlin at the Chamber Music Hall of the Philharmonie Berlin, on October 24 at 8 pm. More details and tickets here.

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Pavel Gililov was born in Donetsk in Southeastern Ukraine where his parents fostered his obvious musical genius from a young age. The boy received his first piano lessons from his father, a music lover and amateur musician.

Soon young Pavel was playing in public. He made his first appearance with an orchestra at age eight and by his 11th year performed the third piano concerto of famed composer Dmitry Borisovich Kabalevsky with such aplomb that the grand master invited him to study in St. Petersburg (Leningrad) at an academy for highly gifted children. The school has produced such talent as Boris Pergamenschikow, Gidon Kremer, Mischa Maisky, Grigory Sokolov and many others.

During his studies, Pavel Gililov received high honors at the All-Russian Piano Competition in Moscow (1972) and the International Chopin Competition in Warsaw (1975). As his talents were recognized he became a sought after performer throughout the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact nations. Gililov also displayed outstanding abilities as an instructor and after his graduation in 1976 he became the youngest professor of concert piano at the St. Petersburg Conservatory.

Pavel Gililov soon came to detest Soviet oppression and in 1978 applied to emigrate. He first moved to Austria and then to Cologne, Germany where he re-ignited his passion for musical instruction.

Soon after his arrival in the West, Pavel Gililov won top honors at the renowned Viotti competition in Vercelli, Italy. Thus began a new phase in his life as performer. Always in popular demand, he has appeared countless times both solo and with… Read more